• The Fairly Incomplete and Rather Badly Illustrated Monty Python Song Book

    "The Fairly Incomplete and Rather Badly Illustrated Monty Python Song Book"
    Foreword: Elvis Presley
    Middleword: God
    Afterword: Brigadier N.Q. T.F. Sixpence
    Music editor: John Du Prez
    Designer: Gary Marsh
    Illustrator: Terry Gilliam
    Publisher: Methuen
    Publication Date: 1994

    In addition to helpful (!) instructions on how to read music and play a piano, the "Song Book" contains melodies and lyrics for many of the best- and least-known Python tunes, interspersed with numerous photos and the wonderful art of Terry Gilliam.


    Songs include: "Do What John?"; "Spam"; "O Lord Please Don’t Burn Us"; "The Lumberjack Song" (in English and German); "Dennis Moore"; "The Ferret Song"; "The Money Song"; "The Bruces' Philosophers Song"; "Muddy Knees"; "Proust Summarizing"; "Ballad of Sir Robin"; "Eric the Half a Bee"; "Yum Yum Di Bucketty"; Bing Tiddle Tiddle Bong"; "Yantse Song"; "Oliver Cromwell"; "I Like Chinese"; "Knights of the Round Table"; "Here Comes Another One"; "Henry Kissinger"; "The Background to History"; "I've Got Two Legs"; "I'm So Worried"; "Never Be Rude to an Arab"; "Finland"; "Decomposing Composers"; "Anything Goes"; "A Medical Love Song"; "I Like Traffic Lights"; "Brian"; "Penis Song"; "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life"; "I Bet You They Won't Play This Song on the Radio"; "Christmas in Heaven"; "Sit On My Face"; "Accountant Sea Shanty"; "Every Sperm Is Sacred"; "The Meaning of Life"; and "The Galaxy Song."

    By David Morgan, 2014

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