• Monty Pythons Sings (1989)

    "Monty Python Sings"
    Released by Virgin Records
    Producers: Eric Idle, Andre Jacquemin
    CD release: 1989

    The finest Python songs were collected in this music-only album, complete with lyrics. Among the tracks is a never-before-released recording of "Oliver Cromwell," a song first performed by John Cleese in his pre-Python radio series, "I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again."  

    On the album's 25th anniversary, in 2014, "Monty Python Sings" was reissued as "Monty Python Sings (again)," with six previously-unreleased songs, including "The Silly Walk Song" and "Lousy Song."  See "Monty Python Sings (again)" for more information. 

    By David Morgan, 2014

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