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  • 'Monty Python’s Best Bits (mostly)' on UKTV Gold

    Last week saw the UKTV Gold premiere of a new series, ‘Monty Python’s Best Bits (mostly)’, a celebration of the very best sketches from Monty Python’s incredible back catalogue.

    The five-part show, presented and narrated by self-confessed Python nut Hugh Bonneville, looks at the very best sketches from ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’ – from the ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch to ‘The Ministry Of Silly Walks’ – and explores the effect and influence they’ve had in the comedy world. 

    Some of the biggest names in comedy – including Stephen Fry, Matt Lucas, Simon Pegg, Steve Coogan, Eddie Izzard, Chevy Chase, Bill Bailey, Noel Fielding, Tracey Ullman, Jim Carrey and Mike Myers – talk about their favourite Terry Gilliam animations and sketches from ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’, and give the lowdown on what makes Monty Python so special and how the group has influenced their own careers. 

    We’ve put together five compilation videos of the Flying Circus sketches chosen in each show, which you can check out on our YouTube channel (available until 14 November 2014). Also, look out for re-runs of the series on UKTV Gold.

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