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  • Michael Palin honours Graham Chapman with the unveiling of a green plaque at his childhood home

    A green plaque, which recognises local people and places of importance, was installed at Graham Chapman’s former family home in Molton Mowbray on 10 December 2014 to honor the late founding member of Monty Python.

    Leicestershire County Council decided to honor Graham’s roots and invited

    Michael to attend the ceremony and unveil the plaque.

    Michael was joined at the ceremony by Dr John Chapman, older brother of the Graham (who died in 1989, aged 48), County Hall leader Nick Rushton and Monty Python fan Richard Sargeant, who nominated Mr Chapman for the honour using the name ‘Richard Norwegian Blue’ in reference to the famous ‘Dead Parrot’ sketch. Others in attendance included Graham’s partner of 23 years, David Sherlock, and various dignitaries.

    Graham, who lived in Burton Road from 1953-55, began his acting career while a pupil at the town’s former King Edward VII School where a blue plaque was installed in 1999 in his memory.

    After a couple of years Mr Chapman’s family moved to Cambridge Avenue before, at the age of about 18, he moved to Cambridge.

    Michael said of the tribute: “I think [Graham] probably would have found it hilarious for a plaque to be put up for him but I know he would be very proud to receive this recognition from the town and county… Graham was fond of Melton and his Melton connections. This green plaque is thoroughly deserved, not just for what this son of Melton created in British comedy, but for all that he might have achieved had he not died so early.”

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