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  • NEW Monty Python Role Playing Game

    Monty Python’s Cocurricular Medieval Reenactment Programme is now available to pre-order through Kickstarter with SKUs including the Bloody Peasant Edition, the Sensible Middle Class Edition, the Public School Edition, and the Upper Class Twit Bundle, along with early backer specials and add-ons including custom dice, a Head of Light Entertainment screen, and a Fetchez la Vache set with dice catapults.

    Monty Python’s Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme consists of a core book featuring an original rules-lite gaming system; guidance on designing adventures; character creation, bestiary, retinue, and NPC sections; tables for generating all sorts of things; and ready-to-run adventures. There is also a madcap, backgammon-based minigame that involves dice catapults and farm animals, called Fetchez la Vache. 

    Though the game is set in Mediaeval England, it draws upon Monty Python’s complete catalogue of works–Flying Circus, films, albums, stage and live shows–to create an interactive world full of their unique characters, creations, and sensibilities, which can be brought to bear for long-term campaigns or a single evening’s educational advancement. Players need not be familiar with Monty Python’s work in order to participate; nor is role-playing game experience required. (The latter would be entirely useless, as this is emphatically not a role-playing game, and if you do have extensive experience with such things, you are likely too silly a person to participate in this Programme and should stop reading immediately.)

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