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  • On The Fly With Monty Python, by Paul Shammasian

    "In 2013–2014 I worked alongside Monty Python, filming and documenting their creative process and build up to the live show "Monty Python Live (mostly) -One Down Five to Go" at The O2, London. I have always admired Monty Python’s drive for independence and dedication to preserve artistic integrity, so it was with great pleasure to have worked on such a unique project.

    The Python’s initial meeting took place on November 19th 2013. The group arranged a script read through in front of an “audience” of friends in a private central London location. Before the reading, Eric asked if everyone could introduce themselves. In fact, his exact words were, “Tell us who you are, and we will tell you who we were.”

    As the read through commenced, the Python magic was immediate and captivating. The length of time apart as a group seemed irrelevant, as their chemistry was just so fresh and vibrant.

    After the read through, the atmosphere in the room shifted to a more serious tone. The Pythons were after sincere, constructive critique. John Cleese was especially attentive to feedback, asking many times for elaboration. From the very start, the group were determined to refine and improve upon their material.

    As Monty Python prepared for the official press launch, reports of the reunion had already started to make front-page news..."

    Read the full article, including stories of what went on in the months leading up to the live shows and never-before-told stories of the preparations, rehearsals and filming with Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking, here.

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