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  • "Life of Brian" 40th Anniversary We-Welease

    Tickets are now on sale for this unmissable cinema event, taking place on 18 April.

    Those attending screenings on the 18 April, will receive an exclusive 40th anniversary commemorative pack*, including a special edition poster, song lyrics, stickers and more.

    Highly controversial upon its original release and banned in several countries, the film is now frequently ranked as the greatest comedy feature of all time around the world.

    “It’s another coming of Brian, and we are here to fill the world with laughter,” the Pythons have said on the upcoming anniversary celebrations. “The Life Of Brian may have been set 2000 years ago, but it’s a mirror of what’s going on today. Except that it’s funny. It’s one of the most prescient films for today’s society – from “We are all individuals” to Stan wanting to become a woman." 

    To find out more about the release and to buy tickets, visit WeWantBrian.com 

    * subject to availability.

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