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  • Release of Newly Restored "Jabberwocky"

    A new 4K restoration of Terry Gilliam's "Jabberwocky" (1977) starring, amongst other notables, Michael Palin & Terry Jones, will be released by The Criterion Collection on Blu-ray and DVD on November 20th in the UK and November 21st in the US.

    This Gilliam-approved special edition will include:

    - New 4K digital restoration by the BFI National Archive and The Film Foundation, approved by director Terry Gilliam, with 5.1 surround soundtrack mix supervised by Gilliam
    - Audio commentary from 2001 featuring Gilliam and actor Michael Palin
    - New documentary on the making of the film, featuring Gilliam, Palin, producer Sandy Lieberson, and actor Annette Badlands
    - New interview with Valerie Charlton, designer of the film’s creature, the Jabberwock, featuring her collection of rare behind-the-scenes photographs
    - Audio interview with cinematographer Terry Bedford from 1998
    - Selection of Gilliam’s storyboards and sketches • Original UK opening sequence
    - Trailer
    - PLUS: An essay by critic Scott Tobias

    To buy your copy, visit here.

    And in case you're not familiar with this classic, here's a little synopsis:

    Amid the filth and muck of England in the Dark Ages, a fearsome dragon stalks the land, casting a shadow of terror upon the kingdom of Bruno the Questionable. Who should emerge as the only possible savior but Dennis Cooper (Michael Palin), an endearingly witless bumpkin who stumbles onto the scene and is flung into the role of brave knight? Terry Gilliam’s first outing as a solo director—inspired by Lewis Carroll’s poem “Jabberwocky” and made following Gilliam’s success as a member of the iconic comedy troupe Monty Python—showcases his delight in comic nonsense, with a cast chock-full of beloved British character actors. A giddy romp through blood and excrement, Jabberwocky remains one of the filmmaker’s most uproarious visions of society gone berserk.

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