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  • Monty Python Vintage Merchandise Sale

    Plush Toys - 21 October 2015

    In times of stress every child should have a Killer Rabbit to cuddle. We have limited stock of vintage collectable plush in all shapes and sizes including Gumby’s, Killer Sheep, Live Parrots, Holy Hand Grenades, Black Beast of Arrrggghhh’s, Black Knights and Spanish Inquisitors.
    Figurines - 27 October 2015

    We've added an extensive range of highly collectable, limited edition, and in some cases previously extinct figurines, to the vintage merchandise sale. All lifelike figurines from "The Holy Grail" & "The Life Of Brian".

    Fancy Dress Costumes - 29 October 2015

    Men like dressing up. Women enjoy wearing hats. Monty Python fans of both sexes love dressing up and wearing hats. It’s no coincidence then that after being locked away in absolute darkness for too many years to mention we’ve found Monty Python-themed hats and fancy dress costumes in the Python storage... Just in time for Halloween!

    Mugs - 5 November 2015

    After rooting around in the depths of the Monty Python storage we have exhumed a dusty old tea chest and you’ll never guess what we found inside? Yes…we were expecting tea too, but to our delight we found a rather splendid range of mugs featuring a quite wonderful array of colourful designs of amusement.

    Clothing - 10 November 2015

    We are not talking the Downton Abbey wardrobe here but we did find over 100 vintage t-shirt designs from in the Monty Python storage. Some are odd sizes, most are absolute bargains and when they are gone they are gone. We’ve also chucked in some luxurious PJ's too!

    Accessories - 24 November 2015 

    When the sunlight illuminated the cobweb laden treasure trove within the Monty Python storage we experienced our own Howard Carter moment. For we had discovered a Python hoard containing the finest timepieces, shiny trinkets, Killer Rabbit staplers, Black Knight nutcrackers, beer pump handles, Flying Circus magnets, ties and toilet paper! We're talking about some serious Monty Python vintage accessories! 

    Vintage Books - 3 December 2015

    With the cold nights closing in, pull a comfy chair up to the fireplace, pour yourself a hot toddy, open your Monty Python tome and prepare to be entertained. Admittedly they are not all tomes…some are not particularly entertaining either but we do have some amazing book offers for you.

    Monty Python Vintage Games - 8 December 2015

    Gather the family around the table and experience some good old fashioned rib tickling with our vintage Monty Python games. The Monty Python storage really did come up Trumps, sorry…we’ve not actually got Trumps but do have various other collectable card games, trading cards and the Python-opoly Board Game.


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