• The Very Best of Monty Python...

    "The Very Best of Monty Python..."
    Publisher: Eyre Methuen
    Publication Date: 2006 (Paperback)

    This anthology combines the material that had been selected by each of the Pythons for their respective "Pocketful of Python" volumes – pocket-sized hardcovers released in conjunction with the group's 30th anniversary in 1999 (and which are now out of print).


    "A Pocketful of Python: Picked by John Cleese" – Includes "Eric the Half a Bee"; (Miss) Anne Elk; Arthur "Two Sheds" Jackson; "We Are Individuals!" from "Life of Brian"; Johann Gambolputty; and Word Association Football. Preface by Michael Palin.

    "A Pocketful of Python: Picked by Terry Gilliam" – Includes "I'm So Worried"; Why Accountancy Is Not Boring; and "Stan's Right to Have Babies" from "Life of Brian." Preface by Eric Idle.

    "A Pocketful of Python: Picked by Eric Idle" – Includes the Bruces' "Philosophers Song"; "Mr. Cheeky" from "Life of Brian"; Chaos Theory Made Easy; The Film Rights to This Page Are Still Available; Silly Walks; Python Literary Guild; and "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." Preface by Terry Jones.

    "A Pocketful of Python: Picked by Terry Jones" – Includes the Spam Sketch; "Every Sperm Is Sacred"; "The Lumberjack Song"; Albatross; and "Constitutional Peasants" from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Preface by Terry Gilliam.

    "A Pocketful of Python: Picked by Michael Palin" – Includes the Cheese Shoppe; the "Penis Song"; the "Knights Who Say 'Ni!'"; the Pirahna Brothers; and The All-England Summerize Proust Competition. Preface by John Cleese.

    By David Morgan, 2014

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