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  • Terry G's Memoir - 'Gilliamesque' - Available for Pre-Order

    We have 150 copies of Terry G's forthcoming illustrated memoir, 'Gilliamesque: A Pre-posthumous Memoir' (hardback), available for pre-order on the Monty Python Online Store, which will be signed by Terry G himself*. 

    From his no-frills childhood in the icy wastes of Minnesota, to some of the hottest water Hollywood had to offer, via the cutting edge of '60s and '70s counter-culture in New York, LA and London, Terry Gilliam's life has been as vivid and unorthodox as one of his films.

    Telling his story for the first time Terry G recalls his life so far. Packed with never-before-seen artwork, photographs and commentary, ‘Gilliamesque’ blends the visual and the verbal with scabrous wit and fascinating insights.

    Gilliam's 'pre-posthumous memoir' also features a cast of amazing supporting characters - George Harrison, Robin Williams, Jeff Bridges, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Uma Thurman, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger and all of the fellow Pythons - as well as cameo appearances from some of the heaviest cultural hitters of modern times, from Woody Allen to Frank Zappa, Gloria Steinem to Robert Crumb, Richard Nixon to Hunter S. Thompson. Gilliam's encounters with the great and the not-so-good are revealing, funny and hugely entertaining.

    This book is an unrestrained look into a unique creative mind and an incomparable portrait of late twentieth-century popular culture.

    ‘Gilliamesque’ will be released in the U.K. on 1 October 2015, and the U.S. on 20 October 2015. 

    * As of 10 September, all signed copies have been nabbed but we still have unsigned copies to pre-order on the Monty Python online store.

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