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  • Mike & Terry G at The Roundhouse, London

    On Sunday 5 February 2017, Terry G and Michael will come together, for one night only, to talk about their life and work in a one-off fundraising event for the Roundhouse in "An Englishman, An American and An Indian Walk Into A Bar". The night, hosted by Sanjeev Bhaskar, is in celebration of the venue’s 50th anniversary as an arts centre and 10th year since reopening as a charity.

    It promises to be an unforgettable evening of storytelling, improvised skits, hilarity and possibly the trio’s own take on some iconic British gameshows.

    All proceeds from the event will go towards the Roundhouse’s work with young people. Each year thousands of 11-25 year-olds have the chance to develop their skills and confidence through creativity – in music, media or performing arts projects. Especially those from backgrounds that can feel limiting – or even hopeless.

    Terry G, who is a Roundhouse Ambassador said of the event; “As Mike and Sanjeev are such chatterboxes, it may be difficult to get a word in edgewise. I may feel the need to perform some of my wildly interpretive dance moves in the midst of their dialogues. A warning will be given so that the weak of stomach can exit the room in time.”

    Michael: "Sanjeev Bhaskar and Terry Gilliam are two of the most gifted and extraordinary talents working in Britain today. I look forward to joining them on stage to ask about money they owe me and why they took the best dressing room”

    Sanjeev Bhaskar: “I look forward to supporting the excellent work of the Roundhouse and finding out who Terry Palin and Michael Gilliam really are and asking them what have they ever done for us? Obviously the films, the shows and the travel, that goes without saying. But apart from that, WHAT have they ever done for us?”

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