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  • Terry G Unveils Illuminated Quote from 'Don Quixote' in Edinburgh

    Last night Terry G was in Edinburgh to unveil an illuminated sign of a quote, chosen by him, from Cervantes’ ‘Don Quixote’ as part of Edinburgh’s Words on the Street project for the Edinburgh City of Literature, and in celebration of 400 years since Miguel de Cervantes’ death. Unfortunately, due to Health & Safety issues with the Council, the unveiling was postponed and Terry instead had a photo-call with the illuminated sign today.

    The quote reads:  "I shall tear up trees with my bare teeth! I shall crush mountains with my fists! I shall go crazy - for love!"

    Terry G said he chose the quote: "… because it represents the heart of my 25-year cinematic quest, which I am still on, to make ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’.” He added, “It’s my Valentine’s card to Edinburgh.”

    The sign, which is attached to the Jeffrey Street railings, will be in-situ for 28 days, before (hopefully) finding a permanent home somewhere else in the City.

    The Jeffrey Street railings is at the heart of both Edinburgh’s literary heritage and contemporary publishing community, and is visible from North Bridge, trains coming in to Waverley from the east and Carlton Hill. As the world’s first UNESCO-designated City of Literature, Edinburgh’s ‘Books, Words and Ideas’ are embodied in the city’s three great literary trades: writing, publishing and book selling.

    Words on the Streets celebrates the power great books have to inspire great artists and Edinburgh’s strength as a centre for books and publishing and is bringing Edinburgh’s rich story of publishing to light with a series of illuminated art installations throughout 2016 and 2017. 

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